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First Meeting with Morya

 London 1851



She had always seen the form of a tall Hindu man near her, helping her whenever she was in danger, and in London she saw Him in person for the first time.


Living on a generous allowance H P Blavatsky arrived in London in 1851 and first took a flat and then joined friends of her family at the up market Mivarts hotel which later became Claridges. This was the year of The Great Exhibition, the Crystal Palace had been erected in Hyde Park and London was extremely busy with visitors from all over the world.


The accounts of the first meeting with Morya vary


C W Leadbeater says:-


Madame Blavatsky used to tell us how she met the Master Morya in Hyde Park, London in 1851, when he came over with a number of Indian Princes to attend the first great international exhibition.


H P Blavatsky wrote to A P Sinnet:-


I saw Master in my visions ever since my childhood. In the year of the first Nepaul Embassy I saw and recognized him. Saw him twice. Once he came out of the crowd. He ordered me to meet him in Hyde Park. I cannot, I must not speak of this.



Countess Wachtmeister in her Reminiscenses of H.P. Blavatsky says:-


When she was in London, in 1851, with her father, Colonel Hahn, she was one day out walking when, to her astonishment, she saw a tall Hindu in the street with some Indian princes. She recognized him as the very same tall, commanding figure she had seen often as a child.


Her first impulse was to rush forward and speak to Him, but He made her a sign not to move, and she stood as if spellbound while He passed on. The next day she went to Hyde Park for a stroll that she might be alone and free to think. Looking up, she saw the same form approaching her, and then her Master told her that He had come to London with the Indian princess on an important mission, and He was desirous of meeting her personally, and He required her cooperation in work He was about to undertake.


He then told her how the Theosophical Society was to be formed, and that He wished her to be the founder. He gave her a slight sketch of all the troubles she would have to undergo, and also told her that she would have to spend three years in Tibet to prepare her for her most important task.


After three days serious consideration and consultation with her father, H.P.B. decided to accept the offer made to her, and shortly afterwards left London for India.


It is possible that Countess Wachtmeister has either confused H P Blavatsky’s previous visit with her father to London in 1845 with her solo visit of 1851 or has added the presence of HPB’s father to give the story some Victorian respectability.


The is a suggestion that HPB subsequently met Morya in Ramsgate and from a sketch of Ramsgate harbour in her diary, it is likely that she was in Ramsgate on 12th August 1851 but there is no actual proof that she met Morya in Ramsgate rather than London.


There is official and newspaper confirmation that a high ranking Nepalese delegation visited London in 1850 some of whom were presented to Queen Victoria. HPB told her aunt Nadyezda in 1877 that Morya was one of those presented to the Queen and concealed Morya’s true identity within that delegation. However, this delegation returned home in 1850 and Morya must either come back or stayed on for the Great Exhibition.It is also possible that HPB confused the delegation and Great Exhibition as being in the same year


Although she reached Tibet earlier, it was not until 1864 that she was able to stay long enough to receive the necessary training from Him: Master Morya.



The Great Exhibition (London) 1851




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