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Interview with a Mahatma


Rajani Kant Brahmachari




At the time I left home for the Himalayas in search of the SupremeBeing, having adopted Brahmacharyashrama (religious mendicancy), I was quite ignorant of the fact that there was any such philosophical sect as the Theosophists existing in India, who believed in the existence of the Mahatmas or "superior persons."  This and other facts connected with my journey are perfectly correct as already published, and so need not be repeated or contradicted.  Now I beg to give a fuller account of my interview with the Mahatmas.


Before and after I met the so-called Mahatma Koothum-pa, I had the goodfortune of seeing in person several other Mahatmas of note, a detailed account of whom, I hope, should time allow, to write to you by-and-by. Here I wish to say something about Koothum-pa only.


When I was on my way to Almora from Mansarowar and Kailas, one day I had nothing with me to eat.  I was quite at a loss how to get on without food.  There being no human habitation in that part of the country, I could expect no help, but pray to God, and take my way patiently on. Between Mansarowar and Taklakhal, by the side of a road, I observed atent pitched and several Sadhus (holy men), called Chohans, sitting outside it who numbered about seventeen in all.  As to their dress, &c.,what Babu M.M. Chatterji says is quite correct.  When I went to them they entertained me very kindly, and saluted me by uttering, "Ram Ram."


Returning their salutations, I sat down with them, and they entered upon conversation with me on different subjects, asking me first the place I was coming from and whither I was going.  There was a chief of them sitting inside the tent, and engaged in reading a book.  I inquired about his name and the book he was reading from, one of his Chelas, who answered me in rather a serious tone, saying that his name was Guru Koothum-pa, and the book he was reading was Rig Veda.  Long before, I

had been told by some Pundits of Bengal that the Tibetan Lamas were well-acquainted with the Rig Veda.  This proved what they had told me. After a short time, when his reading was over, he called me in by one of his Chelas, and I went to him.  He, also bidding me "Ram Ram," received me very gently and courteously, and began to talk with me mildly in pure Hindi.  He addressed me in words such as follows:--"You should remain here for some time and see the fair at Mansarowar, which is to come off shortly. Here you will have plenty of time and suitable retreats for meditation, &c.  I will help you in whatever I can."  He spoke as above for some time, and I replied that what he said was right, and that I would gladly have stayed, but there was some reason which prevented me.


He understood my object immediately, and then, having given me some private advice as to my spiritual progress, bade me farewell.  Before this he had come to know that I was hungry, and so wished me to take some food.  He ordered one of his Chelas to supply me with food, which

he did immediately. In order to get hot water ready for my ablutions, he prepared fire by blowing into a cow-dung cake, which burst into flames at once.  This is a common practice among the Himalayan Lamas. It is also fully explained by M.M. Chatterji, and so need not be repeated.


As long as I was there with the said Lama, he never persuaded me to accept Buddhism or any other religion, but only said, "Hinduism is the best religion;  you should believe in the Lord Mahadeva--he will do good to you.  You are still quite a young man--do not be enticed away by the necromancy of anybody." Having had a conversation with the Mahatma as described above for about three hours, I at last took leave and resumed my journey.


I am neither a Theosophist nor a sectarian, but am the worshipper of the only Om.  As regards the Mahatma I personally saw, I dare say that he is a great Mahatma.  By the fulfilment of certain of his prophecies, I am quite convinced of his excellence.  Of all the Himalayan Mahatmas with

whom I had an interview, I never met a better Hindi speaker than he.  As to his birth-place and the place of his residence, I did not ask him any question.  Neither can I say if he is the Mahatma of the Theosophists. As to the age of the Mahatma Koothum-pa, as I told Babu M. M. Chatterji

and others, he was an elderly looking man.


Rajani Kant Brahmachari






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