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The Sages of the Himavat


Damodar K. Mavalankar



While on my tour with Col. Olcott several phenomena occurred, in his

presence as well as in his absence, such as immediate answers to

questions in my Master's handwriting, and over his signature, put by a

number of our Fellows.  These occurrences took place before we reached

Lahore, where we expected to meet in the body my Master.  There I was

visited by him in the body, for three nights consecutively, for about

three hours every time, while I myself retained full consciousness, and,

in one case, even went to meet him outside the house.  To my knowledge

there is no case on the Spiritualist records of a medium remaining

perfectly conscious, and meeting, by previous arrangement, his

spirit-visitor in the compound, re-entering the house with him, offering

him a seat, and then holding a long converse with the "disembodied

spirit" in a way to give him the impression that he is in personal

contact with an embodied entity.  Moreover, him whom I saw in person at

Lahore was the same I had seen in astral form at the Headquarters of the

Theosophical Society, and again, the same whom I had seen in visions and

trances at his house, thousands of miles off, which I reached in my

astral Ego by his direct help and protection.  In those instances, with

my psychic powers hardly yet developed, I had always seen him as a rather

hazy form, although his features were perfectly distinct and their

remembrance was profoundly graven on my soul's eye and memory, while now

at Lahore, Jummoo, and elsewhere, the impression was utterly different.

In the former cases, when making Pranam (salutation) my hands passed

through his form, while on the latter occasions they met solid garments

and flesh. Here I saw a living man before me, the original of the

portraits in Madame Blavatsky's possession and in Mr. Sinnett's, though

far more imposing in his general appearance and bearing.  I shall not

here dwell upon the fact of his having been corporeally seen by both

Col. Olcott and Mr. Brown separately for two nights at Lahore, as they

can do so better, each for himself, if they so choose.  At Jummoo again,

where we proceeded from Lahore, Mr. Brown saw him on the evening of the

third day of our arrival there, and from him received a letter in his

familiar handwriting, not to speak of his visits to me almost every day.

And what happened the next morning almost every one in Jummoo is aware

of.  The fact is, that I had the good fortune of being sent for, and

permitted to visit a sacred Ashrum, where I remained for a few days in

the blessed company of several of the Mahatmas of Himavat and their

disciples.  There I met not only my beloved Gurudeva and Col. Olcott's

master, but several others of the fraternity, including one of the

highest.  I regret the extremely personal nature of my visit to those

thrice blessed regions prevents my saying more about it.  Suffice it

that the place I was permitted to visit is in the Himalayas, not in any

fanciful Summer Land, and that I saw him in my own sthula sarira

(physical body) and found my Master identical with the form I had seen

in the earlier days of my Chelaship.  Thus, I saw my beloved Guru not

only as a living man, but actually as a young one in comparison with

some other Sadhus of the blessed company, only far kinder, and not above

a merry remark and conversation at times.  Thus on the second day of my

arrival, after the meal hour, I was permitted to hold an intercourse for

over an hour with my Master.  Asked by him smilingly what it was that

made me look at him so perplexed, I asked in my turn:--"How is it,

Master, that some of the members of our Society have taken into their

heads a notion that you were 'an elderly man,' and that they have even

seen you clairvoyantly looking an old man past sixty?"  To which he

pleasantly smiled and said that this latest misconception was due to the

reports of a certain Brahmachari, a pupil of a Vedantic Swami in the

Punjab,* who had met last year in Tibet the chief of a sect, an elderly

Lama, who was his (my Master's) traveling companion at that time.  The

said Brahmachari, having spoken of the encounter in India, had led

several persons to mistake the Lama for himself.  As to his being

perceived clairvoyantly as an "elderly man," that could never be, he

added, as real clairvoyance could lead no one into such mistaken

notions;  and then he kindly reprimanded me for giving any importance to

the age of a Guru, adding that appearances were often false, &c., and

explaining other points.




* See infra. Rajani Kanta Brahmachai's  "Interview with a Mahatma."


These are all stern facts, and no third course is open to the reader.

What I assert is either true or false.  In the former case, no

Spiritualistic hypothesis can hold good, and it will have to be admitted

that the Himalayan Brothers are living men, and neither disembodied

spirits nor creations of the over-heated imagination of fanatics.  Of

course I am fully aware that many will discredit my account;  but I

write only for the benefit of those few who know me well enough to see

in me neither a hallucinated medium, nor attribute to me any bad motive,

and who have ever been true and loyal to their convictions and to the

cause they have so nobly espoused.  As for the majority who laugh at and

ridicule what they have neither the inclination nor the capacity to

understand, I hold them in very small account.  If these few lines will

help to stimulate even one of my brother-Fellows in the Society, or one

right-thinking man outside of it, to promote the cause of Truth and

Humanity, I shall consider that I have properly performed my duty.


--Damodar K. Mavalankar






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