Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

1831 - 1891


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In response to enquiries we receive from other Theosophy Groups about the format for the White Lotus Day Ceremony, here is the programme format for Theosophy Cardiff’s 2008 Ceremony. Please note that this programme is only for the actual White Lotus Celebration of H P Blavatsky’s life, which is a members only event, and that in Cardiff other events open to all (in this case Video and Meditation) are held later.



Cardiff Theosophical Society


White Lotus Day Celebration Programme


Sunday May 11th 2008




Commence 3.30PM with silent meditation. Relaxing music, flowers candles, incense and a picture of H P Blavatsky placed at the front of the room.


Opening and explanation of White Lotus Day


Further meditation with Music


Introduction to the Readings requested by H P Blavatsky




Light of Asia By Sir Edwin Arnold (“Lo the Dawn”)


Bhagavad Gita (Discourse Number 12)


Christian Bible ( 1Corinthians  Chapter 13)


Meditation and Reflection on the Readings


A General Reading about H P Blavatsky (Extract from The Real H P Blavatsky by W Kingsland)


Short Talk on the Olcott School


The Great Invocation


Leave in Silence at an appropriate moment



A collection bowl is placed at the door for donation to the Olcott School




This format is only given as a guide, the only mandatory items in the programme are the 3 readings requested by H P Blavatsky;




Light of Asia By Sir Edwin Arnold (“Lo the Dawn”)


Bhagavad Gita (Discourse Number 12)


Christian Bible ( 1Corinthians Chapter 13)



Explanation of White Lotus Day


Click this Link for the the background to White Lotus Day. In Cardiff a member reads this White Lotus Day Address


White Lotus Address


Madame Blavatsky requested that there be a day in each year set aside to recall the Society itself to think that out of the grossness, out of the chaos of things dark, in due season grew a very precious flower, something which gave birth to a new movement. May 8th is called White Lotus Day after the East Indian lotus symbol of the flower of perfection, which grows from the waters and the grossness of life.


Let us once in the year, see what this Society is about, what it has done and can do. It has been the builder of a far greater pattern than any one person in it knows anything about. It may  not be making a great noise,it may not be doing the things that we look at as so important in life, but it is actually by its very preoccupation with ideas, by the people whom it sends out, it is forming a nucleus for the universal brotherhood of mankind. It does actually set something alight on inner planes, and these contacts are the most priceless things in life. Curious initiations go on all the time among such people.


Simply to talk about these things, — the talk spreads from one to another, and it goes out, and disciples who had forgotten their teachers, and teachers who had almost forgotten their disciples remember, and old links are re-established, and we make the world anew.





Into the Greater Light


If a group member has died in the last year, a section of the programme will be devoted to them in which a member will say a few word and there will be a few moments of reflection.



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