Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

1831 - 1891


Blavatsky and the Masters



Master M


Koot Hoomi

Master KH

Also spelt Kuthumi

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H P Blavatsky related first having met a Master in 1843, after a fall of a runaway horse in Asiatic Russia. There she was cared for by an extraordinary man who suddenly appeared and who disappeared just as suddenly. She afterwards saw him sporadically in visions. 


In 1851 she saw Master Morya in the company of some Hindu princes and from that time he maintained contact with her. In 1860 she met Master Hilarion. In 1868 Morya directed her to go to Tibet and she reports actually having gone, receiving instruction in Morya’s teaching in Shigatse for two years while living in the house of Master Kuthumi, along with Djwal Khul, a fellow pupil.


While in Egypt she met Master Serapis Bey and his brother Tituït Bey in 1870. She also encountered Master P. or the Venetian. According to her account, these Masters not only appeared in trance to her, but they actually materialized in her presence.


In 1874 she met H.S.Olcott (1832-1907) and together they founded the Theosophical Society. In 1875 she wrote Isis Unveiled, most of it while in trance, aided therein by persons from the other world such as Master Narayan and Master Rakoczi (also known as the Count of Saint Germain).


In 1879 she left for India, meeting A.P.Sinnett in 1880. After some time Sinnett started to receive letters from the Masters, later published as the Mahatma-letters. Several other figures, such as W.Q.Judge (1851-1896) and W.Hubbe-Schleiden (1846-1916), received similarly paranormal letters from the Masters. Others (H.S.Olcott, C.W.Leadbeater, K.Damodar, S.R.Iyer, W.T.Brown and A.Besant) were even granted the privilege to meet a Master in material form.


A scandal erupted in 1884 in connection with Blavatsky’s contacts with the Masters and the letters. A report by Hodgson of the Society for psychic research proved to be devastating. Whatever the case may have been, no further letters were received from the Masters after 1884. But Blavatsky remained in contact with the two most important Masters, Morya and Kuthumi. In 1888 she wrote The Secret Doctrine, ordered and inspired to do so by the Masters.


Who are the Masters ?


These, according to Blavatsky, are adepts who once lived on earth and could have chosen to retire to eternal bliss upon attaining the highest level of enlightenment and degree of perfection, but who instead remained in this world, directing their concern towards humanity. The Masters attempt to guide human beings on the evolutionary path, spurring them forward on the road towards unity. They live on the astral plane and are capable of doing extraordinary things, such as materializing in the form of earthly bodies. Ever since the time that Blavatsky encountered them in trance and spoke out about them they have been a central element in the esoteric tradition. The Masters mentioned above are the ones with whom Blavatsky was acquainted .


It is worth noting that Jesus is not among them. Although Jesus plays an important role in occult thought, he is not a Master like the others, according to Blavatsky. With Blavatsky there is not yet mention of an organized hierarchy of higher beings in the spheres or of Christ as one of these personalities. Nonetheless, her discussion of the Masters furnished the fundamental basis for all further reflections about these beings. She thereby amply augmented the esoteric tradition



The Concept of "The Masters"


Blavatsky and The Masters


The Existence of the Masters


Koot Hoomi By W Q Judge


The Mahatmas as Ideals and Facts

By W Q Judge


The Masters as Ideals and Facts

By Annie Besant


Characteristics of the Masters


Mahatmas and Chelas


"The Brothers"  of Theosophy

By A P Sinnett


The Theosophical Mahatmas

By H P Blavatsky


Masters and Men

By Ernest Egerton Wood


The Puranas on the Dynasty of the Moryas and on Koot Hoomi By R Ragoonath Row


The Himalayan Brothers - Do They Exist ?

By Mohini M Chatterji


Accounts by Theosophists who have proved the existence of Mahatmas for themselves


Mr A Lillies Delusions

 H P Blavatsky robustly defends herself against allegations that she had never visited Tibet and that Master Koot Hoomi did not exist



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